Cafe Menu


Smoothies: $6.25

Sunrise: kale, apple, lemon, agave

Endurance: espresso, maca, dates, coconut cream, banana

Clarity: cashew, organic honey, matcha, milk

Refresher: seasonal fruit, mint, Greek yogurt, chia seeds

Power: banana, almond butter, cacao, dates, coconut cream

*Strawberry Banana: banana, strawberries, orange juice, apple juice   $4.95

Detox Smoothie: Pineapple, ginger, apple cider vinegar

Add-Ons $1.00 each:  bee pollen, chia seeds, cacao



Scrambled Eggs and meat on roll: scramble eggs on roll with bacon/sausage/turkey $4.25

 Egg Biscuit: egg, cheddar, & bacon on a biscuit  $3.75

Vegetable Omelet : Spinach ,tomatoes ,onion $5.75

The Champion: almond butter, banana, dates, raw honey, salt on Panini bread  $7.95

LI Favorite: creamy eggs, cheddar on Panini bread (half $3.95, whole $7.95)

Bacon Grilled Cheese: Vermont Cabot white cheddar, thick cut bacon, sliced tomatoes $7.95



Panini's: $9.95

Old Faithful: mozzarella, provolone, fresh basil, seasonal tomato

The Havana: summer sausage, gouda, mustard seed farm pickles

The Hearty: grilled Portobello mushroom, feta, arugula, onion

Teriyaki Chicken: Teriyaki grilled chicken, provolone, arugula, roasted red peppers

Flatbread: Teriyaki grilled chicken, caramelized onion, seasonal pesto, Vermont white cheddar  $11.00

Daily Soup Special  $4.60              Salad of the day



Black Bean Brownie 

Herbie’s Crumb Cake 

Baked Pie slice  

Raw Vegan Pie slice 




Espresso             $2.50                                                 Iced Latte                 $3.25 sm         $3.95 lg

Latte                   $2.95 sm        $3.50 lg                    Iced Chai Latte         $3.00 sm        $3.25 lg

Chai Tea Latte   $2.75 sm        $3.25 lg                   Iced Coffee                $2.50 sm        $3.00 lg

Cappuccino        $2.95 sm        $3.50 lg                    Cold Brew                  $2.75 sm        $3.25 lg

Americano         $2.50 sm        $2.75 lg                     Seasonal Iced Tea    $2.50 sm        $3.00 lg

Drip Coffee        $1.95 sm        $2.25 lg                  *Honey caramel latte                       

Hot Tea              $1.95 sm        $ 2.25 lg                 *Nutella Latte                                  

       New Hours:   Mon-Thurs: 7:00am-5pm Fri-7:00am-7:00pm

Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm....Visit  facebook for what's coming up!

*plus tax*